Comedy Nights with Kapil - Pinky Bua's Wedding Celebrations

Comedy Nights With Kapil Pinky Bua's Wedding Celebrations - 15th February 2014

Shiv of Balika Vadhu, makes a grand entry on the stage and starts to dance with Palak and Dadi on the occasion of Pinky Bua's wedding. Later, Kapil comes on the stage and introduces him as his Phupa, shocking him. Kapil starts his wisecracks and one liners, having the audience in splits. Kapil then takes the topic of boys having good physique making good husbands and asks the audience to share their views on the same. Later, the Groom of Pinky Bua, Golden Bhai comes to the show and the audience burst of laughing with his antics. Celebrities of various shows join Kapil for wishing Pinky Bua for her marriage. Watch the episode and know what happens next.

Renowned, actor-comedian Kapil Sharma makes his debut as a TV show producer with his new show Comedy Nights With Kapil. He will be seen multiple roles of an actor, scriptwriter and producer in his production debut. Already famous for his amazing comic timing and his talent to dig humor out of any situation, he is ready present everyday life in a fresh ad unique way.
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